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Attention before using T90-7 camera check cabinet
2017-11-08 11:32:30

Attention before using T90-7 camera check cabinet

Before installing and using the light box, please read the operation instructions carefully to avoid damage or cause a potential risk due to improper operation.

1. Please use the appropriate power supply and check the power supply label on the back of the light box before use.

2. When placing the light box, make sure that the minimum distance among light boxes or between the light box and the wall is 20cm. Ensure that there is a safe distance between the light box and flammable or combustible material.

3. Light boxes can not be used in explosive environment.

4. Please do not place the light box in the location where is moist and nearby the water pipes or fire sprinkling, and the surrounding environment should be dry.

5. The surface stains of the light box can be removed by a clean and lint-free white cloth which contains little neutral detergent water. DO NOT wipe with chemical solvent or scrape with a hard object.

6. Due to the difference of wiring, LED tube can not access the fluorescent lamp holder, and the fluorescent tube can not access the LED lamp holder either. LED installation should pay more attention to the PLUS-MINUS SIGN on the end of the lamp and lamp holder.

7. Do not put the objects which contains ink, powder or corrosive and sharp objects on the light box directly , to avoid damaging and polluting the surface coating of the light box .

8. When the light box is to be maintained or the lamp is to be replaced, please turn off the main power supply.