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Camera Check Cabinet--VideoChecker (Desktop)

Camera Check Cabinet--VideoChecker VC(3) (Desktop)

Brand:TILO Made In China

Light sources:D65,TL84,TL83,A

Videochecker provides a special light source for camera test. It can meet the requirements: High-level lighting homogeneity, Selectable color-temperature and Continuous Light Intensity Adjustment, etc.


1) Configure three light sources: D65, TL84, ,TL83,A

2) Quick switch four groups of light sources controlled by microcomputer

3) Timeout timer function can record the usage time of each group of light sources separately.

4) The background color of Videochecker is neutral grey (light-absorption type). Please protect the inner color board installation area from sunlight.

5) Adjustment light intensity; Lighting homogeneity > 90%

6) Life cycle of tubes is mainly determined by cumulative usage time and opening times. When there is aging, lighting instability, black head on the tubes, please change it in time. Or it affects the effective.

7) Size: 98*60*85cm (L*W*H).

Light Sources

D65 color temperature 6500k illumination: 10lux- 2800lus adjusted

TL84 color temperature 4000k illumination: 10lux- 3000lus adjusted

TL83 color temperature 3000k illumination: 10lux- 3000lus adjusted

A color temperature 2856k illumination: 0.1lux- 800lus adjusted

Power Voltage: AC 220V 50HZ

Light Box Maintenance

a. one year warranty (except artificial damage and lamp aging)

b. Replace it in case the internal wall of lamp cabinet is dirties. Replace it in case lamp works over-normal time or its ends are blackened. We can provide various standard fittings all year round. (Note: Fittings shall comply with relevant standard).

Operating Instruction

a. Connect the power source. Before using, please connect the correct power source with light box. The timer will display the using time, and imply plug-in.

b. Press ON/OFF key, timers display the total usage time of this light box.

c. Press the number "1", "2" or "3" key on the panel, light box will switch on the corresponding light tubes in turn. If press key "4", it will display F light source. The screen will display the using time of this tubes of the current light source.

d. If you need two or more light sources at the same time, please press two or more keys.

e. Adjustable switch is installed in the front of the light box, lined "1" "2" "3" key controlled tubes. It's setting according the international standard testing parameter when manufactured. If necessary, it can be adjusted by rotated switch key.

f. After check, press ON/OFF key power off.

g. When replacing the tube, it's required to reset the using time. Detailed steps: turn on the replacement light, and use a small screwdriver to the centre of CLR hole, and press the key to clear the time to zero.

Attention before using T90-7 camera check cabinet