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What is the function of the colorimeter?
2017-09-22 15:24:54

What is the function of colorimeter?

The colorimeter is an instrument for measuring the intensity of color,which can anylyze color by measuring a given color(color card like Panton or Ral```) in terms of a standard color,a scale of colors or certain primary colors.

The critical parts of a colorimeter are a light source (commonly a low-voltage filament lamp), adjustable aperture, coloured filters, solution cuvette, a transmitted light detector (such as a photoresistor) and an output display meter. Some colorimeters might also contain a regulator to prevent damage related to the machine from voltage fluctuations as well as a second light path to allow comparison between two solutions.

Now i will tell you how does the colorimeter work in fact!

When we get the sample(you customer need this color or just the color card like Panton),you need to produce the same color as this sample.This process requires repeated proofing.Previously, the difference between the sample and the standard sample was compared by the human eyes.When the difference is within the allowable range,then will put the process to the workshop for produce it!Due to the subjective factors of the human eye, this difference is difficult to determine.At this time,we can use the colorimeter to test the difference (ΔEbetween the sample and the standard.According to the difference(ΔEto determine whether the color of the sample is consistent with the range.This reduces the uncertainty of human eye observations

For example

If the color coordinates of the standard sample are

L*=22.75a*=22.58b*=13.83(L lightness is 22.75,Ared is 22.58, B yellow is 13.83
Set these measured results as the standard in the machine.And then measure the sample(you produced) ,you will get the sample results as follows,

ΔL*=0.13,Δa*= -2.26,Δb*=-2.95More white 0.13,more green 2.26,more blue 2.95

According to this you can need to add black(or reduce white),add red(or reduce green),add yellow(or reduce blue) to match the standard(the color your customer needs).

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