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How to use SFR resolution test chart

How to use SFR resolution test chart

ISO12233:2014 eSFR can automatically calculate several key image quality factor includingbut not limited to shrpness,lateral chromatic aberration,tonal response,color responce and noise!It is fully compliant with Low Contrast Edge SFR (E-SFR) test chart.The new standard ISO 12233:2014 replaced the 2000 standard ,With specified high contrast test pattern,it is easy to cause out or make measurement error, it is also lack of step serials for the progressive group assessment tonal response.Lastly,only a few function suitable for automatic analysis.

Below we explain ISO12233:2014 eSFR resolution test card usage and function of each part of the test in details through the decomposition method .

This chart contains nine slanted squares at 4:1 contrast ratio and OECF step serials.The edgesof the slanted squares are used to measure spatial frequency response and lateral chromaticaberration.These squares are all equipped with focus-aid to appropriate manual or automatic focus.

The 20-patch OECF gray scale pattern surrounding in the center of the chart is used to measure the image system’s tonal response,gamma,white balance and noise characteristics.The radioactive measurement plate arranged on average, to reduce the measurement error of the light down.Noise test series cover a wide range,including chroma,scene-referred and raw pixtel noise as well as ISO 15739 visual noise,SNR and dynaic range.

Sine image offers two additional versions of eSFR ISO chart,they take advantage of extra space while incomplement with the standard.The enhance and extending the charts contain six addtional flant squares for sharpness measurment on the other side of image field.

Four registration marks used for automatical featuredetect Imatest eSFR ISO module function.

16 color patches when produced with technologies that allow color (inkjet or color LVT), with colors similar to the industry-standard 24-color test chart.

Based on the different section of the tandard,four pairs of hyperbola wedge have been added to determin the limited resolution and moire fringe .

The enhance version eSFR ISO chart has a 3:2 aspect ratio while entended version has a 16:9 aspect ratio to support image system for the wider horizon.For more infomation about eSFR ISO chart or Sine Image,please visit the website www.colortestmeter.com or email angelya@3nh.com




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